General questions about debt collection

How can I find out whether a debt collection company is serious?

Check whether the company is registered as a debt collection company. This is possible at "www.rechtsdienstleistungsregister.de". Registration is compulsory for every agency that acts commercially as a debt collection company. Another indication is the affiliation to an industry association. The largest is the Bundesverband Deutscher Inkasso-Unternehmen e.V. (BDIU). The BDIU in turn places additional strict requirements on its members on lawful behavior and seriousness. The list of members can be found at "www.inkasso.de". The BDIU also has to regulate disputes through an independent arbitration that mediates in the settlement of dispute or disagreement.


I have received mail from a debt collection company. How do I behave now? Is it wise to just not respond to it?

Not responding to a serious debt collection company is the worst solution. If you feel that the claim does not exist, you can tell this to the debt collection company. A joint decision is then made on why the client of the debt collection institution demands a claim. However, if you are not responding, the company will contact you again. This entails more effort and possibly even more costs if you owe the claim. Debt collection agencies are interested in making an agreement with you and are also able to meet you - depending on your situation.


Do I have to react to mail that does not come as a registered letter?

Even mail that is not delivered as registered mail is important - such as normal invoices. A registered letter only confirms receipt of the letter at a certain date.


What is an acknowledgment of debt?

The acknowledgments used by EOS confirm an already existing debt. It presupposes that the parties agree on a debt relationship and that they want to escape a dispute in this regard.


What are the advantages of an acknowledgment of debt for both parties?

For both sides the uncertainty about a legal relationship is eliminated and an escalation avoided. An instalment payment can be agreed with the acknowledgment. If this agreement is complied with, the debtor will not have to cover the entitlement and, if applicable, the enforcement costs.


What does "The debt is entitled" mean?

A titling means that a court or a notary has established a debt. Such a title is, for example, an end judgment, a decision, or an order for enforcement. Under legal force, a title authorizes the creditor to apply for foreclosure measures.


I received an SMS, which is supposed to come from an EOS company. Is it true?

Yes, that is possible. Even after receiving an SMS from EOS, you should contact to clarify the situation. EOS, by the way, never ask for address or account data in this way. Stay watchful!


May debt collection agencies seize my salary?

Yes, the seizure of the salary is possible if the debt collection company has obtained a corresponding title against you. However, the entire income can not be seized. The part necessary for a modest way of life is unseizable.


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